Republic of Kiribati

Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Immigration


Protocol Division

Chief Protocol Officer (Mrs Timuaki)


Oversee/Coordinate the management and operation of the division together with protocol officers. Ensure that the division responsibilities are dealt within expected timeframe. Actions to be efficient, effective and on time. Reporting/Implementation of policy to meet the goal of the Ministry – more related to the Diplomatic and Consular Privileges and Immunities. Ensure the division is proactive and innovative in promoting Kiribati and interest overseas

Other task to be dealt with by the Chief Protocol Officer (CPO).

Apart from the above stated key roles, the CPO is also responsible for;

1.For H.E’s participation at Regional and International Meetings

2.Due with our international partners – Honorary Consul and Consulate Offices’ staff: For consular advises important to the people of Kiribati, To assess claims of Honorary Consuls

3. Visit to Foreign Countries ( Ministers representing H.E, Special Envoys

Logistic arrangement (travel, accommodation)

Handles protocol aspects of foreign visit, port courtesy

4. Protocol continues to play key role in promoting Kiribati as an attractive venue for holding conferences. In this context, the protocol officer closely coordinates the necessary arrangement with the relevant line Ministries and Department

Assistant Protocol Officer (Mrs Kaee Itaaka)


1. Implementation of Diplomatic and Consular Privileges and Immunities

- under this, the officer is responsible to deal with Heads and staff of Missions in Kiribati’s privileges and immunities

- deals with Duty clearance certificates ad Customs clearance permissions

-deals with Diplomatic Vehicle License/plate (DPL), DPL’s sale permission, new DPL vehicle registration permit, DPL driving license permission

2.Diplomatic clearance for Foreign Aircraft and Ships

3..Visa issuance

Handles visa clearance for Foreign Mission staff together with international organizations

4.International events - conferences/meetings

Provision of advises on logistical and protocol for international events

5. Ceremonial Functions (welcome, farewell, opening, closing reception hosted by H.E or other Minister on behalf of H.E, working lunch/dinner of SFAI/OIC). Funeral Ceremonial, Presentation of Credentials

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